Dry Lung Rhetoric (2012)

01. A Dark Dawn (2:08)
02. Perish or Prevail (4:39)
03. Drones (4:52)
04. Emergence (5:12)
05. A Complex Slate (4:44)
06. Six into Three (4:59)
07. Shedding Skin (5:31)
08. Crisis Unveiled (9:36)
09. Your Belief (4:58)
10. A Brighter Future (2:20)
11. The Final Breath (8:49)


'Schemata Theory haven’t just put together an album here, they've put together something which is going to be played over and over again, something which will get new fans on board, and something which will stand these guys in awesome stead moving forwards from here. Definitely a band I want to see more from over the coming year, and one I would highly recommend you check out.' - Loud-Stuff.com

'This was nothing like I'd expected, and yet what I discovered in the process was everything I like about core music: a beautiful blend of progressive textures and soaring vocal arrangements.' - TheNewReview

'Final verdict - Go listen to this album, it's fantastic! And, I'd have to say, this is one of the greatest records I have heard in a while!' 10/10 - DougHitTV

'To sum up, this is a well thought out and executed first album from a very new band that will evidently do well. I for one am keen to hear how this band develops and I'd be very interested in seeing them perform live.' - Music224.com

'If there would be any band to follow and go see live, I would pick these guys! Purely sensational music and experimentation, definitely keeping your ears interested and never letting go of their pure talent that they never cease to fail on through out this whole album!' - Throwing Shapes Media & Reviews

'A lot of people ask me what newer bands I like. Let me tell you, Schemata Theory is probably my favourite new band right now. Brilliant album.' 9/10 - MaidenSlave
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